Monday, September 28, 2015



By Marilyn Frye

          This author Marilyn Frye argues that women in our society are oppressed by labels and slams as opposed to males who are in a sense not oppressed. The reason I say this is because there is a major statement in the passage in which the author states that a women is more likely to be attacked with labels. This was stated on page 2 of the passage. The author states that if a women declines the act of heterosexual activity toward a male she is prone to be labeled by men as "Uptight", "Man-Hater", "Cock Tease", Etc. The author even go's more in debt with this statement claiming that if a women partakes falls into place of partaking in heterosexual activities on a daily basis that she is less believable if she becomes a rape victim. The reason the author says this is because she is oppressed into having sex to avoid these label's, and possibly she may have reoccurring sex on a daily basis. Now if this women is to be raped and the argument is that she likes sex and she enjoyed the rape in a sense, is it technically rape?

          Here is a newspaper clipping of a court case where defendants claimed that a woman "enjoyed" being raped.,8664446&hl=en

            This statement blew my mind cause of course any person with common sense would believe that yes this is indeed rape no matter how you look at it. The author's perspective on men seems to have a strange view but it can be agreeable. This is a form of oppression that happens all the time, it happens to women and men. It struck me as one of the most important parts of this text. Leave your thought's in the comment selection below and have a good one!

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  1. The fact that some people will even try to justify rape is disgusting. Just because you enjoy doing something on your time doesn't mean you want to all the time, with anyone, or to be foreced.