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Fear Of Feminsm, Why Young Women Get The Willies

Fear of Feminism, Why Young Women   Get The Willies

By: Lisa Maria Hogeland

          In the text; Fear of Feminism we are introduced into the reason why young women are in fear of feminism and how to overcome this and have women looking toward the equality of women. There are may quotes in passage but  narrowed it down to three quotes that stuck out to me the most. 

         At one point in the passage there is a statement that "Young women may believe that a feminist identity puts them out of the pool for many men." From a human perspective I disagreed with this statement, believing that all men would see the women the same. Sadly I was incorrect when I asked colleagues what they would think about of a relationship with a feminist women they simply replied they would not consider relations with that women. Me being surprised at the result they told me I asked why. They replied "They kind of scare me, aren't they always putting down on men?". Hearing  this I was shocked and sad to know that this was a major bias toward feminist's and that I felt as though a majority of men believed this bias.

          There was also another statement in the passage that states "The feminist insistence that the personal is political may seem to  threaten rather than empower a girl's fragile, emergent self as she develops into a sexual and relational being" Reading this quote I didn't know what to think. I read this believing that feminism helps empower a woman to want equality within gender. But apparently most young women tend to believe that it will threaten them. Possibly I will need more clarity with this statement as it was a tad bit fussy to me.

        The last quote that I will use is the most important one in my opinion. "Feminism requires  an expansion of self-expansion of empathy, interest, intelligence, and responsibilities across differences, histories, cultures, ethnicity, sexual identities, otherness"The reason this is a major quote is because not everyone can become a feminist, the major question is can you become a feminist.  If the your not comfortable with expanding the mind set you have then you simply cannot adapt to the way of a feminist. This is why a lot of young women are afraid of becoming feminists, because it challenges what they are taught by society.

This video helps clarify why some people are afraid feminism men and women:

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  1. It's a little silly that women think they will scare off men being a femenist. Most men don't like bald women, but if all women were bald what choice would they have?