Monday, November 23, 2015

Sex and Icecream?

Sex and Icecream 

By: Justin Torres

          So the other week I attended a meeting at a program I use to attend throughout high school. To my surprise it around the time that the program was having their "Sex and Ice Cream Party". Now I know what your thinking at this point, "Sex and Ice Cream? what kind of program is that?!", and the name is a bit weird I know. But this isn't what it sounds like, it actually really cool. Basically what this event is, is where a bunch of high school students in providence get together for a ice cream party, but both genders are separated. Then each student is given two pieces of paper. Now this is the fun part, each student is allowed to write down a question on each piece of paper but the question is any type of question that they have toward the opposite sex and at the end all students get ice cream, hence the event name"Sex and Ice Cream Party".

         Now what I was doing there was to help assist the event since I was an alumni from the program. Now the reason I felt like it would be worth talking about was due to the fact that I knew it was relate to this class in a sense. Some of the questions that were on paper by the younger men were...rude, since they asked vulgar questions. Also some of the young women there wrote questions to the guys asking things about sex which in my opinion kinda disappointed me. But there were some good questions, like one of the questions that the boys asked was, "How do you think inequality will affect the majority of women in the future?". Now when I heard this question I automatically thought of most of the readings we had for our gender society course. Hearing this question most of the girls were in a debating mood. Most of them argued that they would do all they can so that women will be treated equally to men in the sense of  work pay or just in social life. One girl even told the other side that she was a proud feminist and that she wanted to go to college and major into Women Studies and Economics so she can help women become equal to men in the future. To me this was an amazing thing to hear and some of the young men at the program told her that she should definitely do it since she was so passionate. 

          The program was fun and watching the kids talk and debate was fun to watch. Hopefully I can attend next year to witness everyone maturing and hopefully asking more questions.


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  1. Justin, I think it is cool that you are still involved in this group and giving back as an alumni from the group. The name of the group is great and I think it is a great way to taking away some of the shame and stigma that many people have about gender and sexuality and acknowledge that we all have questions and have things we don't why not ask.